2007.11.02 20:26 "[Tiff] Recent bug fixes in CVS head", by Frank Warmerdam

2007.12.30 23:59 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff4 - tests failing - TIFF_SETGET_UNDEFINED for some tags", by Bob Friesenhahn

Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

> It is good to keep in mind that these tests used to all pass.


When did they all pass? I have confirmed they all work in libtiff3.9 (head of the 3.9 branch I mean), but this code predates the wholesale restructuring of the TIFFFieldInfo into TIFFFieldArray structure in libtiff 4. In 3.9 this set_field_type and get_field_type stuff did not exist in the structure.

Right. 3.9.0beta and earlier do pass. These existing tag/directory failures are why I can't use libtiff4 with GraphicsMagick. There was a (short) time not long before the libtiff4 alpha release that it was apparently working fine with GraphicsMagick. I don't recall if the tests ever passed with libtiff4.

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