2005.06.21 14:53 "[Tiff] VS7.1 compile problems", by Thom DeCarlo

2005.06.21 16:10 "Re: [Tiff] VS7.1 compile problems", by Edward Lam

Problem 1: There is something flaky about the handling of the inline declaration in tif_fax3.c functions find0span and find1span. I had to comment out the word "inline" on lines 779 and 838 to get the file to compile.

VC++ uses '__inline' so adding the define

#define inline __inline

should fix the compile problem. Of course this needs to be conditional on the compiler.

Isn't this because we're trying to compile that file as C code as opposed to C++ code? The "inline" keyword is available in the C++ language only. What do we do with gcc? Does gcc erroneously allow the "inline" keyword in the C language?

I think a more semantically correct fix would be:

   #if defined(__cplusplus)
     // use prototype with inline
     // use prototype without inline