2010.12.14 17:55 "[Tiff] patch to tif_jpeg.c", by Dwight Kelly

2011.01.10 17:52 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff 4.0 stable? [was: Regression in libtiff 4.0 CVS when creating a JPEG RGB contig]", by


> Joris did this because he did not like typedefs.

Incorrect. Joris doesn't like inconsistent use of types, and false abstraction from bit patterns where apis seem to expose typedefs that could be redefined where implementation actually depends on very specific bitwidths of the types and ends up casting etc. In other words, Joris did not like inconsistency and obfuscation, and Joris actually had to do this in order to de-obfuscate to a degree where BigTIFF implementation became possible.

Anyway, that was... 2007? Three or four years ago? Scratch your itch, or forget about it. Folks are asking for 4.0 release (as they are actually using it for some years now), folks are not asking for restoration of obfuscation, so this is *your* itch.

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