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1998.04.21 14:00 "<ping>", by Bryan Medsker
1998.04.21 14:48 "Re: <ping>", by Phillip Griffith
1998.04.21 17:44 "Re: <ping>", by Sam Leffler
1998.04.21 15:18 "Re: <ping>", by Tom Lane
1998.04.21 17:45 "Re: <ping>", by Sam Leffler

1998.04.21 17:45 "Re: <ping>", by Sam Leffler

The problem was and still is that the mailing list is distributed by a machine inside the sgi firewall and I don't have a good automated way to "export" the archives outside the firewall. I have good tools for doing mailing list archives but no way to set them up easily. There was another posting about some site that offers free archival services; maybe that'll be a solution.