2008.06.10 12:42 "[Tiff] Re: color profile management other than ICC", by Mitesh

2008.06.10 16:24 "Re: [Tiff] Re: color profile management other than ICC", by Graeme Gill

and our application will render the image according to it. But what about other non-standard color profiles which a particular company may want to use and embed into their tiff files. How can I handle such color profiles generically?

Specifically, what other color profile format? Can you name any other than ICC? MS's WCS profiles can/are embedded as a tag within a fallback ICC for backwards compatibility. PostScript CSA/CRD's are postscript language specific. What else is there that you are likely/possible to come across?

Unless you know of any such format, I think you are worrying about a problem that doesn't really exist. If there were other proprietary formats, once you extract them from a tag, what are you going to do with them? (ie. if they are undocumented to the point of not knowing what tag they would be in in a TIFF, how are you going to actually use the profile ?)

Graeme Gill.