2008.07.02 17:32 "[Tiff] BigTiff Support", by alexander johnson

2008.07.11 16:34 "Re: [Tiff] eta for bigtiff support?", by Bob Friesenhahn

If TIFF is defined by TIFF 6.0 conformity then many existing TIFF files do not conform. For example, JPEG compression in TIFF does not conform.

I'd have to look that one up, but doesn't it use extensibility
mechanisms which are consistent with 6.0?

JPEG in TIFF starts with TIFF 6.0 as a base but applications won't be able to read it unless they support JPEG in TIFF. There are many other such situations.

As far as the PDF MIME type goes, I expect that you will find that there are several older RFCs which refer to earlier versions of the PDF specification. It is common for RFCs to be retired by newer ones.

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