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1999.11.29 14:21 "2-4 GB TIFF Files", by Frank Warmerdam
1999.11.29 17:59 "Re: Handling 2-4 GB TIFF Files", by David
1999.11.29 18:51 "Re: 2-4 GB TIFF Files", by Peter Smith
1999.11.29 21:23 "TIFF 12-bit packing", by Kambiz Asrar Haghighi

1999.11.29 18:51 "Re: 2-4 GB TIFF Files", by Peter Smith

I have made the 4Gb file fix for the win32 build. I haven't yet submitted the changes for general distribution, due mainly to time constraints. Some OS specific routines need to be modified as well as other generic routines.

 I only work with win32 at this point, so I can't test the changes on other

OS's. Anyways, the changes I made are detailed in the attached file. Here is an overview of what I did:


On behalf of a client I am looking into generation of TIFF files in the 2-4GB range. My first shock was to find that ext2fs on Linux doesn't support files larger than 2GB. My second shock was to find that the toff_t type in tiffio.h (used for seeking for instance) is int32, a signed 32 bit integer, not unsigned as I would have assumed.

While TIFF format is clearly limited to at most 4GB in a file, I had assumed producing and consuming files in the 2-4GB range would not be particularly difficult. Has anyone done this with libtiff? Were changes to libtiff required?


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