2006.09.20 06:24 "[Tiff] <1 bit raw file for tiff file format>", by Geeta Sharma

2006.09.20 14:03 "Re: [Tiff] <1 bit raw file for tiff file format>", by Andrey Kiselev

On 9/20/06, Geeta Sharma <geeta.s@samsung.com> wrote:

If I take the raw file (RAW_1_bit_180 x 145.raw) and save it as TIFF file in Irfan view with No compression.

Stripbyte count in the generated tiff file(RAW_1_bit_180 x 145_Irfan_none.tif) is less than the raw data in the raw file.

It means, full raw image data is not being taken to generate tiff image.

Can anybody explain the reason, as I am facing this problem in my project and I need the solution urgently?

Geeta Sharma,

Your TIFF file is perfectly legal. It has ImageWidth=180, ImageLength=145 and StripByteCounts=3335. It is easy to calculate:

180/8=22.5 (23 complete bytes)

Your RAW file is 3480 bytes long. That means you are using wrong image parameters. It is likely that your file contains 192 pixels in line (and 145 lines). Simple correlation analisys suggests such a values. Probably the end of every line just should be skipped during conversion to get the 180 pixels per line.



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