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April 2004

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2004.04.27 08:04 "help", by <>
2004.04.27 08:22 "Re: help", by Andrey Kiselev

2004.04.27 08:04 "help", by <>

Dear all

I installed libtiff under linux red hat 8.0, I wish to use him for  
to convert pictures raw that I generate.  
the installation and the compilation it is very well past.  
But I have the following mistake to the execution of raw2tiff:  

raw2tiff -H 200 -w 800 -l 800 D2.raw D2.tif

raw2tiff: relocation error: raw2tiff: undefined symbol: TIFFDataWidth  
I didn't find anything of anomalous.  
Who is able to help me?   
excuse my bad English.  
Thank you