2004.04.26 19:24 "[Tiff] Recent SPAM - List Policy Change", by Frank Warmerdam

2004.04.26 19:44 "Re: [Tiff] Recent SPAM - List Policy Change", by Lee Howard

It appears several spam messages from addresses at infinityobjective.com got through on the list today. These were all from subscribed email addresses so it would appear that spammers are learning to auto-subscribe to mailman based mailing lists.

For the time being I have changed this list to require my approval for new members. Yuck... more manual work! However, I hope this will stave off this new brand of spam.

A lot of spam these days poses as coming from someone else. So, say, a spammer may use my address to send spam to the list, and it would get through, even though I didn't send it.

At present I don't see any better method than filtering, especially with RBLs. You need something that automatically and dynamically will grow to the new spam tactics. I use (and enjoy) SpamAssassin with RBLs enabled and SpamcopURI enabled. (I didn't even see those spams to which you refer, as they got caught in the filter.)

Either that, or you have to set-up a challenge-response system to map every sender with their outbound relay and require that postings match the address+relay combination. That will be very annoying to posters with changing outbound relays.

Anyway, I'm just trying to help you save your manual work to maintain the list.