2009.09.10 18:26 "[Tiff] tiff 3.9.1 in okay in debian", by Jay Berkenbilt

2009.09.10 20:12 "Re: [Tiff] tiff 3.9.1 in okay in debian", by Bob Friesenhahn

For those members of the mailing list who may package libtiff for various distributions, I'm reporting that tiff 3.9.1 has been in debian for 13 days (since minutes after its release) with no reported problems. The critical problem in 3.9.0 that prompted 3.9.1 was detected in debian, among other places, and as tiff is widely used, major problems after releases have historically been found within two or three days. So my opinion, for what it's worth, this provides at least one data point to suggest that 3.9.1 is ready to be distributed as part of any system that previously included 3.8.2. Just my $0.02.

My $0.01...

OJPEG format does not work with the JPEG 7 library in 3.9.1 or Beta4. Fixed in CVS.

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