2004.10.14 10:33 "[Tiff] Re: A problem with TIFF 3.6.1", by Benjamin Lau

2004.10.14 17:47 "Re: [Tiff] Re: A problem with TIFF 3.6.1", by Andrey Kiselev

I was trying to install TIFF 3.6.1 (since my 3.7.0beta2 does not work for now) and during the installation, some compile-time errors were encountered. I am using MSYS on my Win2k and its built-in compiler system and so, I used the configure script. I also have another MinGW compiler system and the MinGW GCC distributed with Dev-C++, an IDE for Windows.

The error regards tiff2pdf and the error was that the function __T was not defined.

Yes. Use the 3.7.0beta2 or (better) CVS snapshot where this problem was fixed.


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