2009.07.24 13:06 "[Tiff] Wrong datatype for Photoshop tag", by Christian S.

2009.07.27 06:53 "Re: [Tiff] Wrong datatype for Photoshop tag", by Christian S.

And how do i make sure imagemagick is treating the tag as bytes?

To be honest I'm a little bit lost here.

Let me delve a little bit deeper.

I have to work on a big image archive using ImageMagick. On several Tiff-files ImageMagick throws the Error:

"wrong data type 7 for \"Photoshop\"; tag ignored."

So i got a little bit curious and started reading about tiff tags and the TIFF specification. After i found out ImageMagick is using libTiff i finally got here. So my first Idea was adding the Data Type UNDEFINED.

So, warmer, colder?

Thank you.

Either type should work, and whatever parses that tag should treat it as bytes.

On 7/24/09 6:06 AM, "Christian S." <GGrisly@gmx.net> wrote:

i have several Tiff files where, for unkown reasons, the photoshop tag (0x8649) was written with the datatype "UNDEFINED" (7).

I changed the datatype manually to "BYTE" (1) and the stored data seems ok, at least imagemagick can use the clipping-paths.

Now i'd rather not make a search and replace in my whole image Archive.

Can i savely add the datatype UNDEFINED to the photoshop tag adding it in tif_dirinfo.c?

Thank You


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