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2008.05.31 15:45 "Re: [Tiff] Re: [gdal-dev] Problem with libTiff on Solaris 10", by Even Rouault

And I suspect that the "_TIFFmemcpy(n,&o->tdir_offset,4)" is also bogus as tdir_offset is 64 bit large too.

That should be fixed too by the same method:

nTemp = (uint32)o->tdir_offset;
_Tiffmemcpy(n, &nTemp, 4);

Those problems are probably not seen on little endian machines as the first 4 bytes contain the lowest 32 bit word, which is the one we want to put into the n pointer... I'm also wondering why there's not a test to see if it must be swabbed afterwards, as it's done for the tag, type and count fields.

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Your fix is not the right one. But I recognize that my previous suggestion could lead into error.

In fact, tdir_count field is a uint64 in libtiff 4.0.

So the correct fix is:

uint32 nTemp = (uint32)o->tdir_count;
_Tiffmemcpy(n, &nTemp, 4);

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Sure enough, the pointer n is not null, and throws a sigsegv fault. Aftern changing from

> *(uint32*)n=(uint32)o->tdir_count;            TO

_TIFFmemcpy(n, &o->tdir_count, 4)


The execution passes this point, but where as *(uint32*)n should be 1, it is 0. This causes errors later in the GDALOpen call on the tiff dataset, which fails with error "TiffFetchNormalTag:incorrect count for "SamplesPerPixel". debugging continues....


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