2006.08.01 09:34 "[Tiff] Remove - not extract ! - first page from multi-paged tiff", by Uwe Dippel

2006.08.02 12:03 "[Tiff] Re: Tiff Digest, Vol 27, Issue 1", by Uwe Dippel

tiff-request@lists.maptools.org wrote:

> From: "Pallek, Bernie: #CIPO - OPIC" <Pallek.Bernie@ic.gc.ca> > Subject: RE: [Tiff] Remove - not extract! - first page from

> multi-paged tiff

I think you're going to like this:

I don't like it, I *love* it!!

tiffcp.c: 106
" /* a trailing comma denotes remaining images in sequence */"

So try:

"tiffcp file.tif,2, restof.tif"

Of course, it's only a comment, so it might be a damn lie, but... I tested it here, and it works (3.8.2). :-)

So it does here.

How do I file

  1. a request to get this into the documentation
  2. an enhancement when I have understood the code, so that we might

actually be able to write

tiffcp file.tif,1-99 restof.tif


Though I don't need it here, I see no good reason to not improve the functionality.

Thanks again for the quick and complete solution!