2004.05.13 08:37 "[Tiff] Easy and low resource rotating of tiff images", by Steven Enderle

2004.05.13 13:38 "[Tiff] Low resource tiff rotation", by Steven Enderle

This is what i did after trying "convert" of ImageMagick. It uses far more than 500MB per Image, like "convert" does. As i wrote, the images are under 150KB. Anyway, it takes 10 or more seconds to process a single image.

Our systems process between 100.000 and 300.000 images per hour usually on a single cpu. That is also the speed i have in mind for tiff rotation.

The Windows software we are using does never get over 50MB and runs smooth on a 700MHZ PC.

I guess, someone in the area of libtiff had this requirement before, and maybe some experience or hints on this topic. ImageMagick and netpbm are just unuseable for this.

The question is, if i got to code it myself, skip it once with windows software or if there are already tools available.

Thanks for your help

Kind regards

Steven Enderle

PS: We also use a lot of OCE hardware, which just works great!