2001.02.09 14:13 "turning TIFF Images", by Juergen Braukmann

2001.03.09 12:53 "AW: turning TIFF Images", by Juergen Braukmann

Have you found solutions for your requirements yet?

Hello Roy,

No, not realy. I was pointed to ImageMagic, but got stuck there. It nicely rotates Images as required, but also does sort of "anti aliasing". Furthermore, my b/w colored image turns 256 colors greyscale. On top of that, there should be a small triangle appearing, due to the rotation. It does, but also it's not white but greyish. (again I count this to the "anti alias" function).

It nicely converts to b/w only, but the bitmap then looks ugly. Worse are the grey triangles that should be white (=transparent in ArcView), since I need to tile different maps in ArcView.

We have a Mac based product called PixelProof which can make small angle shears/rotates in large (no size limits) bitmap TIFF images. It could be run in batch mode if we wanted to do so.

Still I can use Corel Photo Pain in manuel mode. Best results so far.

What are your image types? And platforms?

plain b/w bitmaps. I use to modify the images on a SuSE Linux 6.2 / 7.0 system.

The program does many, many other things, especially for TIFF files and making colour proofs on screen and to printers from multiple layered TIFFS.

I can send a PDF brochure and/or answer any other questions on-line if you are interested to know more.

Hmm. Not yet. This is more a hobby of mine. We have a meeting inabt. 10 days and we'll talk about this stuff again. I considered to subscribe to the ImageMagic list for further questions, but didn't do so yet.

Sorry if my answer looks a bit ugly in Layout. Can't use a proper mail program over here. Must use MS exchange. ;-( Terrible.