2000.11.20 13:33 "TIFF Standards?", by Jeffrey L. Urlwin

2000.11.20 16:51 "RE: TIFF Standards?", by Bill Radcliffe

It seems that the TIFF standard has stagnated in the light of PDF, etc. Does anyone have a feel for and influence where it's going?

I have been talking to a few people at Adobe recently that are involved in the file format issue. They appear ready to re-release the TIFF spec but are not yet talking about how this will occur. One thing for certain is that Adobe does *not* think that TIFF is stagnant. They understand the importance of this format to the imaging workflow. Take a look at what is in Photoshop 6.0 for example. There is an "Advanced features" checkbox for TIFF now that gives you access to all kinds of features that were previously not officially supported. As you can imagine -- there are probably many different opinions within Adobe on what should be done. They are not a small company. I think that the time is right for our group to start e-mailing any and all Adobe contacts we have and start lobbying for our code base to be the "official" reference implementation of the TIFF "spec" going forward.

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