2000.11.20 13:33 "TIFF Standards?", by Jeffrey L. Urlwin

2000.11.20 22:04 "RE: TIFF Standards?", by Robert R. Buckley

You mentioned JBIG support. The IETF Internet Fax Working Group and the ITU-T have agreed on TIFF-FX for Store-and-Forward Internet Fax. TIFF-FX (the FX stands for Fax eXtended) describes a standard way of using TIFF to wrap the compressed image datastreams produced by the set of approved methods for PSTN fax: G3, G4, JBIG (both b&w and color), JPEG and MRC. The original TIFF-FX spec is RFC 2301, but there is now an updated version <http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-fax-tiff-fx-09.txt>. The IETF interop testing for TIFF-FX was done last year. One company has a TIFF-FX test tool on the market, although it doesn't do JBIG currently because of licensing issues, and another company has announced it is working on document imaging solutions that output to TIFF-FX. Already several companies offer Internet Fax products using TIFF-FX, typically Profiles S and F for G3 and G4 black-and-white; at least one company advertises a product that does JBIG, using TIFF-FX Profile J.

Rob Buckley