2000.11.20 13:33 "TIFF Standards?", by Jeffrey L. Urlwin

2000.11.26 22:39 "Re: PhotoShop 6.0 and TIFF [was: TIFF Standards?]", by Chris Hanson

Slightly off topic, but are there more options for saving EPS files? That is, actually getting compression filtered data streams for the image operator (instead of just a hex encoded uncompressed stream, thereby *bloating* the EPS file).

Don't use EPS for raster image data, use TIFF.

TIFF doesn't require tools which want to get at image data to solve the Halting Problem or implement a complete PostScript interpreter in order to work in the general case.

Using EPS for raster image data is an abomination before all that's holy.

-- Chris
-- who in a past life had to write code to
   deal with a lot of raster EPS files

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