2000.01.19 12:26 "Unicode build of libtiff?", by Dirk Haun

2000.01.19 12:26 "Unicode build of libtiff?", by Dirk Haun


has anyone done a unicode build of libtiff yet? I have just done the necessary modifications to the last version of libtiff supplied by Sam Leffler, when I found out that libtiff has moved ahead to version 3.5.4 since then. <doh>

So, obviously, I have to do it all again. I might be willing to send in my changes as a diff file so that others can profit but I have no idea how non-Windows platforms handle unicode.

Here's how MS does it:

Then, if you #define UNICODE, you get a unicode build. Otherwise, you get an ASCII/ANSI build just as before.

I guess this can all be handled with a couple of macros to put into the tif_<platform>.h files.

What do you think?


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