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1999.10.15 17:25 "Tiff Viewers (multipage/G4)", by Jim Crozier
1999.10.15 18:22 "Re: Tiff Viewers (multipage/G4)", by Sam Ohzawa
1999.10.15 21:44 "Re: Tiff Viewers (multipage/G4)", by Bruce Cameron
1999.10.18 22:01 "Re: Tiff Viewers (multipage/G4)", by Mark Knibbs
1999.10.19 08:54 "Re: Tiff Viewers (multipage/G4)", by Frank D. Cringle

1999.10.15 18:22 "Re: Tiff Viewers (multipage/G4)", by Sam Ohzawa

Does anyone know of what tiff viewers may be available for free?

The requirements are particularly for: Multi page, G4 encoded Tiff files.

Yes, but not exactly.

Sorry to plug our own product, TIFF2PDF, but a lot of companies and governent agencies are converting G4 TIFFs into PDF, and archiving them or making them available instead of the original TIFFs.

This allows the use of free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a nice well maintained viewer with additional bookmark capability, and can run stand-alone or as a web browser plug-in.


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