2001.03.28 14:50 "Bit depth", by Andrew Jarvis

2001.03.29 11:03 "Re: Bit depth", by Martí Maria


Just a thought about this, if you are using 16 bits per sample to store 11 bits per sample, you need to multiply values by 65536/2047 = 32.0151 in order to accomodate to 16 bit layout, failure to do this would result in dark images.

Then Min/Max sample values shouldn't be used, since it's meaning is quite different IMHO.

Here is what TIFF 6.0 spec says:

"This field is not to be used to affect visual appearance of an image when it is displayed or printed. Nor should this field affect the interpretation of any other field; it is used only for statistical purposes"

So, since your 16 bit data goes from 0 to ffff, the Min/Max should be 0, ffff. And this is the default value after all.

Martí Maria.