2001.03.28 14:50 "Bit depth", by Andrew Jarvis

2001.03.29 08:02 "Re: Bit depth", by Andrew Jarvis

I assume you mean BitsPerSample.

You are correct. When I read the specification I was unsure whether 10 and 12 were valid BitsPerSample values since it quotes values of just 4 or 8 for grayscale images and Paintshop Pro will only accept 16.

On re-reading the specification the description of the Compression tag states 'For example, if your data can be represented in 6 bits, set BitsPerSample to 8 instead of 6,' which implies that any value is valid. (I also hadn't realised that the image data is supposed to be packed with no wasted bits.)

I shall use BitsPerSample as intended and wait for Jasc Software to catch up!