2007.07.25 23:51 "[Tiff] Writing custom TIFF tags to Photoshop saving TIFFs (with Photoshop)", by Olumide

2007.07.26 15:32 "[Tiff] Re: Writing custom TIFF tags to Photoshop saving TIFFs(withPhotoshop)", by Olumide

The tiffset utility is a stand-alone command line tool that allows you to add or modify tag values *after* a tiff image file has already been created (whether through Photoshop or otherwise). The enhancement that I implemented allows you to use it to set/modify the values of user-defined tags in addition to the standard tags that tiffset already supported. Whether it would work for you depends on whether a command line based tool would fit into your work flow, or could be called from a GUI tool of your own design.

I see what you mean. Unfortunately, I'm thinking my workflow is interactive and therefore I think its best I get Photoshop to do the job of getting the extra information into the file. Currently, I'm thinking XMP...