2010.01.15 13:40 "Re: [Tiff] eta for bigtiff support?", by Phil Harvey

2010.01.21 01:29 "Re: [Tiff] eta for bigtiff support?", by Gary McGath

We helped drive the BigTIFF effort, we helped with technical issues, we contributed continuously, and said we supported the design/effort. Are you expecting a SuperBowl ad and press release?

Until the code is tested and bugs ironed out, I can't even update our documentation to include BigTIFF. (which has also made it difficult to get product managers to approve time to work on the effort)

A SuperBowl ad is irrelevant and absurd.

A press release or other formal public statement, on the other hand, would be reasonable.

I find it a bit odd that you seem to regard the two as comparable.

Gary McGath
Digital Library Software Engineer
Harvard University Libraries, Office for Information Systems