1999.10.27 14:06 "Y2000 and libtiff", by Rouvinez Jean-Claude

1999.10.28 03:28 "Re: Y2000 and libtiff", by Niles Ritter

We are using the Version 3.4 of libtiff.

On the following link


I discovered that the products tiff-3.4b03[5,7] do not support the next year (Assumes 19xx years).

Is it true or can I drink as much as I like on dec, 31 1999? Which version doesn't cause any trouble in the year 2000?

I see the note on that page, but I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. So far as I can tell, the only thing that even refers to dates is the creation date, which universally uses four digit years in the TIFF standard format. There is nothing in the libtiff package, or in the tools, that has any implicit century logic.

I have send an inquiry to Koos Schut, the apparent source of the item, for further details.