2004.10.17 23:34 "[Tiff] Help with tiff file", by C.F. Scheidecker Antunes

2004.10.19 02:54 "RE: [Tiff] Help with tiff file", by Larry Grill

Hi C.F.

Your file must be multi-page or corrupted. No way that a 1-bit image of these dimensions could be that large.

Are you Linux-only? If you can't compile the libtiff tools, you can contact me directly for the tiffslit.exe for a Windows/DOS version. If you want to make your TIFF file available via ftp or http I can check it out for you.

If you've already downloaded libtiff. Check out the \tools and \contrib directories for some sample code--including the source for tiffsplit.

Larry M. Grill