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1999.11.19 16:44 "tiffclose on windows leaves files open?", by Richard Fateman

 If I tiffopen a file in mode "r"

process it (or not) and then tiffclose the file descriptor, that file cannot be deleted in my Windows (NT) system. At least not while the program is running.

I have to open it in mode "ru" or "rm" if I want to delete it.

I think this is a bug in tiffclose that doesn't unmap the file properly.

Maybe no one else noticed it because people tend to not read and delete tif files in the same running program?

For what it's worth, I've linked the tiff library into a lisp system; the lisp system is running a server which takes a (b&w) 1-page tiff image.

  Right now it sucks up the file

you specify and tries to compute a "skew" angle for the page.

Our next step is to offer to send you back your deskewed page.

We're trying to figure out how to integrate the rest of the system (an OCR system written in Lisp) to the server. And yes, the server too is written in Lisp.

Feel free to try it. Don't be surprised if it is not up. If you try it and it fails in some way that you'd like to report, please say so. (