2004.12.12 21:55 "[Tiff] JPEG2000 and Metadata", by Bruno Tenório Ávila

2004.12.19 18:40 "Re: RES: RES: [Tiff] JPEG2000 and Metadata", by Bob Friesenhahn

TIFF is a file format specifically aimed at being a container for whatever raster specification and compression method. Saying a particular compression method is best suited by its dedicated container format instead of TIFF, goes against the spirit of TIFF, and is somehow a very weird statement to make in this list. Identifying the options we have and coming up with a TechNote for JPEG2000 in TIFF, instead, would be compatible with the spirit of TIFF.

It is challenging enough to propel JPEG2000 into common use without burdening supporting software with more variations to deal with.


Bob Friesenhahn