2004.12.12 21:55 "[Tiff] JPEG2000 and Metadata", by Bruno Tenório Ávila

2004.12.12 22:39 "Re: RES: RES: [Tiff] JPEG2000 and Metadata", by Leonard Rosenthol

JPEG2000 has a similar number of options as TIFF itself.

JP2K has a LOT more options and features than TIFF...

Since JPEG2000 is itself so complex, I think that while embedding a JPEG2000 file within a TIFF file may make it easier to manage with existing software from a metadata standpoint, you would still need to deal with the JPEG2000 content separately. It would be a crime to do otherwise.

I agree.

Also, you can't necessarily embed raw JP2K data - you either have to "block" it JPX or JP2 formats - in which case the TIFF wrapper just adds size....


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