2004.09.01 20:39 "[Tiff] Stacked tiffs with colourmaps", by David Scriven

2004.09.02 17:08 "Re: [Tiff] Stacked tiffs with colourmaps", by Bob Friesenhahn

That would save 30 megabytes, which ten or fifteen years ago was hundreds of dollars of hard disk storage and is today hundreds of pennies, and as well back then T1 line speed was similarly, but not quite, more valued.

The cost of storage is usually grossly understimated. The cost of *temporary* storage is primarily determined by disk hardware cost, but the cost of peristent/permanent storage is primarily determined by other factors. One of the biggest costs is the cost to backup/restore data (tape drives, tape media, administrative personnel). This cost has not dropped nearly as quickly as the cost of disk drives. There is also the concern that backups normally should be done while the systems are relatively idle (overnight) which places requirements on the backup system which may cause it to be much more expensive than primary storage.

Likewise, WAN speeds have not improved nearly as much as LAN speeds.

If your work is of no consequence or your files have no value, then feel free to ignore the above. :-)


Bob Friesenhahn