2006.04.01 04:44 "[Tiff] WORDS_BIGENDIAN makes libtiff platform dependent (3.8.2) and you have to undefine it on MacTel", by ping shu

2006.04.12 21:47 "Re: [Tiff] tiff photoshop tag - clip path", by Izidor Jerebic

On 12.4.2006, at 22:06, Chris Cox wrote:

You didn't read the documentation - that says the Photoshop PSD file format documentation is a separate package and needs to be requested separately.

Which documentation? All I could find was this:

"Phostoshop API Guide.pdf" says:

> An external document, Photoshop File Formats.pdf, includes all the > specifications for the Photoshop, document, and additional file

> formats.

Could somebody point me towards the URL/document where I could read about this? Or URL where all the packages are listed?

There is nothing about "Photoshop File Formats" package on Photoshop developer page <http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/photoshop/ devcenter.html>.

And perusing search on Adobe web site with these terms does not give any results that would lead to this package.

Where is it? And how can I get it?

This document is evading me very successfully...

Thanks for any info,

Izidor Jerebic