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2001.06.18 12:38 "Size limitations.", by Bruno Ledoux
2001.06.19 15:18 "Re: Size limitations.", by Peter Montgomery
2001.06.19 16:08 "Re: Size limitations.", by Chris 'Xenon' Hanson
2001.06.19 20:17 "Re: Size limitations.", by morello
2001.06.20 10:52 "RE: Size limitations.", by Gary Weimer
2001.06.20 16:45 "Re: Size limitations.", by Peter Montgomery
2001.06.19 21:59 "Re: Size limitations.", by Bob Friesenhahn

2001.06.19 20:17 "Re: Size limitations.", by morello

PS: Why are you all answering me directly and not to the list?

Unlike many lists, this one doesn't put its address in the "From:" field, it puts the actual person who wrote it. Thus, when you hit reply, you have to know to change the "To:" field to be the list and not the person. This sort of manual labor is both easy to ignore and easy to forget. In theory, we use computers to prevent having to constant repetitive tasks ourselves.

To the list owner - can you change this please? Oh yeah, if you fix that, it'll prevent people like me from getting a bunch of replies from others on the list who are out of the office or have left their job. This is REALLY annoying and has a tendency to keep traffic on the list low. Seriously, can you fix this list so it puts the list as both "To:" and "From:" soon?

I've experienced these auto-replies on the few times I've posted here. But with your suggested change, surely the auto-replies would be published to the whole list. And each one would generate another bunch of replies...

Or have I missed something?


PS Agree with the suggestion about migrating to Yahoo, or even ListBot seeing as how you all like MicroSoft so much :)

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