2007.02.05 03:28 "[Tiff] Request help On OJPEG Compression In Libtiff", by Steven Lim

2007.02.05 18:19 "RE: [Tiff] Request help On OJPEG Compression In Libtiff", by Chris Cox

  1. Don't do that
  2. REALLY, don't do that -- the old JPEG encoding is rarely supported (I'm sorely tempted to add a more severe note to Photoshop when encountering them to say that the file is buggy and the user needs to complain to the vendor that wrote it).
  3. You can convert a JFIF image to TIFF a lot easier using compression 7 instead of the obsolete compression 6.

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I have grab a copy of libtiff from CVS and built it under MSYS & MinGW environment with jpeg support enable(Told by Joris that the OJPEG will be enable as well once the jpeg support is enable).

But how do i need to do in order to use the Old Jpeg Compression? The version of libtiff i grab it from CVS and it's said no required hack on libjpeg, and i try just to use it by calling TIFFSetField(tiffout, TIFFTAG_COMPRESSION, COMPRESSION_OJPEG), and this seem not correct.

           And it's give me the below warning message: "Compression
algorithm does not support random access". Currently what i intend to do is
convert a jpeg image to tiff by using the OJPEG compression algorithm.

Thanks in advanced.