2004.12.08 02:35 "[Tiff] Q: writing tiled TIFFs", by Chris Losinger

2004.12.08 12:48 "Re: [Tiff] Q: writing tiled TIFFs", by Joris Van Damme

i'd just prefer to see a simple explanation of what TIFFWriteTile expects, what the rules are for tile sizes, what z-order means here, etc..

As to Z-order, it's an ancient Pixar extension, if I'm not mistaking. I don't think anyone's using it, possibly not even Pixar these days.

As to tile sizes: anything you like. TIFF 6.0 spec says you ought to try and make sure any strip or tile is about 8K in its compressed form. But that's downright ancient. Today, the overhead of handling such many strips and tiles is much to big compared to reading or writing 8K. So, anything you sit fit is fine. I personally prefer tile pixel dimensions of 512x512, unless I got good reason to do it any other way...

As to TIFFWriteTile, the tile functions are very similar to the strip functions. Except of course that tiles are a rectangular array, top-left, top-not-so-left,..., not-so-top-left, not-so-top-not-so-left,...,bottom-right.

Joris Van Damme
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