2002.08.22 18:11 "Recover tiff file", by Agneta Johnér

2002.08.29 18:00 "Re: Recover tiff file", by Phillip Crews


The TIFF file may have at some point in the past been transferred in ASCII mode, since the file there now, which I downloaded in Binary mode, also has 0x0d before each 0x0a.

I wrote a utility to strip the extra CRs, but the TIFF tags were still invalid (Bits per sample, for example, was 256, 0, 53248, instead of the usual 8,8,8). This is probably what is causing the error in Photoshop. ThumbsPlus reports the Libtiff error 'Cannot handle different per-sample values for field "BitsPerSample"'.

So, I extracted the raw image data from the TIFF file using ThumbsPlus, then created a TIFF file from the result. I noticed when I did this that the width in the TIFF header (5295) did not match the actual width of the raw data (5368).

I saved & uploaded the result of this extraction to: ftp://ftp.cerious.com/pub/cerious/private/ima10863f.tif

Of course, since the TIFF header is munged, the data probably is also, so I doubt if this is the way the image is supposed to look.

Something is definitely happening to your files when being transferred from system to system or when uploading. I cannot read the JPEG file either. The beginning of the file is screwed up. Here's the normal beginning of a JPG file:

 ff d8 ff e0  0 10 4a 46 49 46  0  ......JFIF.

Here's the beginning of your uploaded JPEG file:

 9d ff 9d fd  0 10 4a 46 49 46  0  ......JFIF.

The original TIFF file has a bunch of 0x9d bytes in it as well, at least some of which should definitely be 0xff.

I hope this helps track down your problem.

Kind regards,

Phillip Crews
Cerious Software, Inc.

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