2002.08.22 18:11 "Recover tiff file", by Agneta Johnér

2002.08.29 19:00 "Re: Recover tiff file", by Agneta Johner

Hi Phillip!

Thank you for all the information you have provided. It has certainly been useful to me, since I've also learned a lot about tiff files. I was not able to download the result from your ftp server (does it allow anonymous login ?)

I will probably have to face the truth that the file is damaged beyond possibility of saving.

The worst thing is that this was just one file out of 250 :-( that will have to be rescanned.....at least I know what to do in the near future!!

Thank you so much for helping out, and if it is possible I would very much want to download the file you managed to extract.

All the best!!

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