2005.06.09 12:49 "[Tiff] TIFF save", by Matthias Lach

2005.06.09 12:49 "[Tiff] TIFF save", by Matthias Lach

Hello all,

iam still a newbie in here. My projekt is going to become finished - sooner or later...

I opend a TIFF (Fax G4/G3) with the "ReadTiffIntoBitmap" thing. then i work with the bitmap, rotate it as i like, strip lines as i like and all the stuff i need. seems to work fine for me. but iam still not able to safe the file back into the G4/3 format.

i found a lot of Info at http://www.remotesensing.org/libtiff/libtiff.html

# Basic File Handling
# Scanline-based Image I/O
# Strip-oriented Image I/O
# Tile-oriented Image I/O

and so on.. but all stuff is in C-code - i like to see a delphi example to safe a file please. And i did not find any usefull information how2 safe a file (TiffOpen with "W"??? )

Do i need to grab me the from the tiff - "TIFFTAG_COMPRESSION = 259; { data compression technique }" so i can use it to save the file later back into it?

Again - iam a newbie - to tiff and to delphi. I like to learn a lot - so iam sorry for this newbie stuff in here. But i did not found a forum or so.... ( and execuse the bad english as well - thank thee ) :-)

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Matthias Lach