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2008.07.24 15:45 "RE: [Tiff] Converting from Jpeg compressed Tiff", by Argo Abramian

Thanks for replies. Jpeg compressed tiff file was created by saving no compression tiff file with jpeg compression option in Photoshop CS3. It gave a warning: "This compression is not supported in older TIFF readers. Use compression?" I am new to this so I don't know what kind of Jpeg encoding CS3 is using. Previews for other tiff files I was able to generate with ImageMagick but it fails with Jpeg compressed tiff files. Someone suggested using LibTiff for this so I downloaded tiff-3.8.2 from ftp://ftp.remotesensing.org/pub/libtiff/ But he was no tiff2jpeg so I tried tiff2pdf but it gave me output files that did not look good (with large horizontal bars) the only time it output more or less correct jpeg when I used it with "-n" option but the output file was too small in pixels but 4 times bigger in file size.

Basically I am just asking for advice: what would you suggest to use to generate preview from this kind of tiff file:

Thank you very much.


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Well, are they old-JPEG (TIFF 6 spec, buggy) or new JPEG (technote 1) encoded in the TIFF files?

Where did the failing images come from?

What version of LibTIFF are you using?

Did you compile it with JPEG (old or new) support?


On 7/23/08 4:05 PM, "Argo Abramian" <Argo.Abramian@brandwizard.com> wrote:

Hi, in my asp.net web application I need to be able to generate jpegs

and gifs from tiff files. No compression or LZW or ZIP compressed files
I can process using various programs but all of them fail when dealing
with JPEG compressed tiff files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.