1994.12.15 05:34 "TIFF File Naming Conventions/Standards?", by Clark Brady

1994.12.16 17:39 "Re: TIFF File Naming... Multiple images/file", by Jeremy Shaw

When there are multiple images in a single file, the standard is clear that they are variations of a single image. Only the first one must be read by a compliant TIFF reader.

Actually a BASELINE compliant reader. There are a number of applications out there which are able to read multiple images in a single file (e.g. TMS ViewDirector-based, Watermark, etc.) So for super-baseline applications, Karstens second point is interesting...

It is quite another topic how you update a single page of such a document...

Any comments? My take is that it ought to be possible to update part of the file, shuffling data and modifying directory entries as necessary. Has anyone implemented this? Does tifflib support it (I think not...)