2006.08.07 19:54 "[Tiff] Resolved: libtiff.dll and MSVC 6", by Sean Burke

2006.09.20 18:14 "RE: [Tiff] TIFF file bigger than 2Go", by

I have problems creating TIFF file bigger thant 2 Go, or more precisely I cannot read this kind of file with any viewer I find: Photoshop, Irfan, ImageMagick,...

It's almost certainly a limitation of the 32-bit signed ordinal types used by practically all existing architectures (until true 64-bit architectures become mainstream).

The limit for TIFF is 4GO because it assumes an unsigned long integer (32-bit ordinal). But APIs for file handling on most OS are probably using signed integers in order to return error values or whatever.

Windows supports "large file" APIs, but they would have to be tweaked into libtiff. It's definitely possible, but it'll require modifications to anything that uses stuff like fopen(), etc.

That's just a guess, but a confident one.