2004.10.01 09:59 "[Tiff] quad-tile", by Joris Van Damme

2004.10.03 16:28 "Re: [Tiff] quad-tile", by Bob Friesenhahn

I'm afraid I have been overwhelmed by the number of emails with the "quad-file" topic, really about a test suite of images. To be honest I had envisaged a place where a variety of "real world" images with various quirks (in spec or out of spec) could be submitted for compatibility testing. The respository might also contains some images constructed with libtiff to demonstrate use-cases of interest missing from the submitted images.

Things seem to be developing in a different direction, which is fine. I just wanted to state that I still think having a section be for "odd user submitted files" is of value.

The "quad-tile" discussion is really about three completely different things:

  1. Testing libtiff to see if it is working right.
  2. A TIFF conformance reference suite which can be used to help verify that any conformant application meets some baseline.
  3. A collection of interesting files which represent some of the things it is possible to do with TIFF.

To date, item #1 has been started as part of continuing libtiff development, item #3 is already distributed from the libtiff ftp sites, and Joris appears to be interested in developing #2.


Bob Friesenhahn