2005.03.06 17:00 "[Tiff] Problem with libtiff.a", by Gregory Safford

2005.03.06 17:00 "[Tiff] Problem with libtiff.a", by Gregory Safford

I am trying (and failing) to get libtiff to work with ImageMagick. I have compiled libtif (v 3.7.1) separately, and the commandline utilities seem to work, but ImageMagick's configure fails to approve of the installation. In the course of working on this, I tried to compile one of ImageMagick configure's test programs myself. The trivial program

char TIFFOpen ();
main ()
TIFFOpen ();
  return 0;

compiles if I compile

 gcc -o conftest -g -Wall -L${LDFLAGS} -R${LDFLAGS} conftest.c ${USERLIB}/libtiff.so


gcc -o conftest -g -Wall -L${LDFLAGS} -R${LDFLAGS} conftest.c ${USERLIB}/libtiff.a

fails on a bunch of undefined symbols, as

"inflate                             /export/home/sfd0/lib/tiff/lib/libtiff.a(tif_pixarlog.o)"

where the makefile defines:

LDFLAGS = /export/home/sfd0/lib/tiff/lib:/export/home/sfd0/lib/jpeg/lib:/export/home/sfd0/lib:/usr/local/lib

TIFFLIB = ${HOME}/lib/tiff/lib
JPEGLIB = ${HOME}/lib/jpeg/lib
USERLIB = /usr/local/lib

where tiff is the installation prefix for my libtiff compilation.

Can anyone suggest where I am going wrong?

Any information appreciated.

Thanks in advance.