2002.05.09 14:30 "Orientation and Tiled images?", by Michael O'Rourke

2002.05.13 19:12 "Re: Orientation and Tiled images?", by Antonio E. Scuri

Andrey, any idea what application is creating these images? I'm hoping it is some custom app and so there will not be lots of files like this in the world.

Their server had same problem, but now I could download the tsmAPI source:


But It seems to only read the GetTIFF images using LibTIFF and LibGeoTIFF. Still don't know which app made the TIFFs.

In: http://www.tsmapi.com/tile-sets.shtml

They explain how the TIFF is used. But seems to follow the TIFF specifications.

I guess if someone describe the problem they can be notified before it is too late. Their contact is digital-earth@ai.sri.com.