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I did some footwork before downloading libtiff, since I anticipated that there might be issues with win32 vs. unix versions. If you go to the following page


that page has a Version section and a Description section which has the following information:

Tiff for Windows


Tiff: library and tools for TIFF images



The GnuWin32 distribution comes in two versions. The ordinary version uses the standard Unix equivalents, such as fopen and read, for input and output, the other version (Tiff-win32) uses the Win32 API functions, such as CreateFile and ReadFile, for input and output. The ordinary version (Tiff) is more suitable for porting Unix programs, the Win32-API version is more suitable for writing Win32 programs.




(but as of this writing, the homepage link appears to be a broken link)


. Sources   Zip ->tiff-win32-3.6.1-2-src.zip   3059483   10 February 2004

Andrey, may I assume from your question/statements below that I can begin using the 3.7.3 distribution for use with win32 compilers?


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Be advised that the distribution available for win32 development at remotesensing.org/libtiff is "tiff-win32-3.6.1-2-src.zip", which is what I downloaded and there are no nmake.opt files - only makefile.vc.

Hmmm... where you found that archive? The official libtiff site is


and it contains 3.7.3 release, which is the most recent one.