2005.08.18 21:51 "[Tiff] win32 libtiff", by Mark R. Olin

2005.08.24 17:48 "RE: [Tiff] win32 libtiff", by Mark R. Olin

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your tips on nmake.opt, I will adjust the options in the nmake.opt from now on. I am looking through some .opt files that I just received from Larry.

Be advised that the distribution available for win32 development at remotesensing.org/libtiff is "tiff-win32-3.6.1-2-src.zip", which is what I downloaded and there are no nmake.opt files - only makefile.vc.

But then I should have modified the makefile.vc to include a "nmake.opt" and then created it myself, shouldn't I. I am a Codewarrior Studio user, not MSVC Studio (although I do have MSVC Studio installed). Please excuse me.



Compiler options should be adjusted in the nmake.opt file, not in the makefile.vc. Read nmake.opt, it has a bit of comments for each option.

JPEG and ZLIB flags should be switched in the nmake.opt too.