2005.08.18 21:51 "[Tiff] win32 libtiff", by Mark R. Olin

2005.08.19 15:23 "RE: [Tiff] win32 libtiff", by Mark R. Olin

Thanks for your prompt response.

Is it straightforward to compile the distribution source for libtiff3, jpeg62 and zlib1 as

say a set of static libraries? Is there guidance available other that the Makefiles.

I am using Codewarrior Studio and not Microsoft Visual, and I don't use a command line "make"




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Yes, but we compile it ourselves.

Offhand, I'd double-check that your application is either compiled in release mode or linked with the release C runtime libraries (eg. -MD).

Also double-check if the regular distribution programs like tiffinfo.exe work. If those work but not your program, then it's your fault. :)

Anybody here use the win32 version of libtiff?

#2 breakpoint immediately after TIFFOpen is called

At #2 the Debug Log gives an unexpected output showing an Access Violation:

----- Win32 Debug Session #01 --------

Program load @0x00400000 PID 0x000009C4 TID 0x00000D44
Loading ntdll.dll @0x7C900000
Loading KERNEL32.dll @0x7C800000
Loading USER32.dll @0x77D40000
Loading GDI32.dll @0x77F10000
Loading libtiff3.dll @0x6FD80000
Loading jpeg62.dll @0x686C0000
Loading msvcrt.dll @0x77C10000
Loading zlib1.dll @0x61B80000
Access Violation at address 0x7C96CC82

The program pointer is pointing at "ntdll.dll" and a Debug

> message appears

[Debug Messages]


Invalid Address specified to RtlFreeHeap( 00140000, 0014A640 )