2005.08.18 21:51 "[Tiff] win32 libtiff", by Mark R. Olin

2005.08.24 19:38 "Re: [Tiff] win32 libtiff", by Andrey Kiselev

On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 02:23:40PM -0500, Mark R. Olin wrote:

I did some footwork before downloading libtiff, since I anticipated that there might be issues with win32 vs. unix versions. If you go to the following page


That is not a home of libtiff, but rather a home of one of the win32 library builds.

The GnuWin32 distribution comes in two versions. The ordinary version uses the standard Unix equivalents, such as fopen and read, for input and output, the other version (Tiff-win32) uses the Win32 API functions, such as CreateFile and ReadFile, for input and output. The ordinary version (Tiff) is more suitable for porting Unix programs, the Win32-API version is more suitable for writing Win32 programs.

Modern libtiff can be built using different I/O interfaces. Both open/read and OpenFile/ReadFile interfaces can be used in your build (switched with the USE_WIN_CRT_LIB option in nmake.opt file). I am recommend using open/read calls (USE_WIN_CRT_LIB is on). You can search the mailing list archive for discussion on this topic.



(but as of this writing, the homepage link appears to be a broken link)

Huh, it doesn't work right now too! Problem with our server again...

Andrey, may I assume from your question/statements below that I can begin using the 3.7.3 distribution for use with win32 compilers?

You definetely should use the latest version, because 3.6.1 is quit old.


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