2006.03.18 15:59 "[Tiff] old jpeg support", by Mikhail Kruk

2006.03.26 02:52 "Re: [Tiff] 3.8.1 and JPEG problem", by Mikhail Kruk


On 3/25/06, Joris <joris.at.lebbeke@skynet.be> wrote:

I built the CVS snapshot (again both Windows and Linux). Still doesn't work. The error message is different (but familiar):

If you can conviniently setup a test that reads a JPEG-compressed TIFF, but doesn't write, then could you please test current CVS. The similar bugs that were introduced in the writing part, I haven't dealt with yet, and I seek merely to find out if the fix of the reading part is OK.

I tried CVS diff with the snapshot I got on 20th and see no difference. Did you check them in recently?

The snapshot I have doesn't read or write JPEG TIFFs (output is all black)... I'm testing using tiffcp, is it possible that the problem is with it, not the lib? Reading JPG works fine with my own program I build against 3.8.0. Do you want me to try linking my app with the CVS snapshot?

I also tried tiffcp from 3.8.0 and it doesn't work.

I guess the next logical step is to assume that tiffcp is broken and test with my app, but I want to make sure that I'm looking at the right CVS since you sound like you've made some changes and I don't see them.

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